[box][learn_more caption=”Class Information”] All Classes are offered for all levels, the instructor will not leave you behind, nor will we keep the experienced waiting. Our goal at In Motion is to take each student to their own level. [/box]

[box]ASHTANGA IMPROV•  A mesh Improvisation of the first and series of Ashtanga Yoga. 90 min in length. Purifies the body while building stamina and strength. Aerobic and challenging [/box]

[box] VINYASA • Very challenging at any level. Vinyasa concentrates on combining movement with breath. Builds strength, stamina. Aerobic and challenging 60 – 75 mins[/box]

[box]HEATED VINYASA • Some like it hot! Vinyasa Yoga Practiced in a heated room. Very challenging at any level. 60 – 75 mins[/box]

[box]HEATED VINYASA FLOW • Hot-Flow Yoga is an all levels, beginner-friendly class that combines the static postures of a traditional Hot Yoga class with the flow of Vinyasa yoga.  It is a 60 minute class, and practiced in a heated room.[/box]

[box]YIN Deeply held postures with a meditative focus to release back, hips, shoulders and legs. The profound depth of poses develops stillness and reduces stiffness. Can be very rewarding for those with stiffness or chronic pain.[/box]

[box]POWER Basic and intermediate postures building into a strong sequence linked with breath, this class is aerobic and challenging. Designed are more experienced students, this class emphasizes inversions and balancing asanas. [/box]

[box]BOLLYWOOD BASICS This class is designed for those who want to dance like a Bollywood star but have never danced this style before.  Learn the fundamental techniques and movements of Bollywood Dance through a simple routine structure where you will get to experience the Indian culture and have funr.[/box]

[box]BOLLYWOOD INTERMEDIATE This class is ideal for those who are familiar with Indian and Bollywood styles of dance and want to continue their practice in this form. You will explore different  movement, techniques and songs within this genre while learning new choreographed routines.  This is a great way to continue your love for Indian dance while having a great time..[/box]