Danielle Dickinson / Phoenix AZ

Danielle Dickonson

I’m a 200 hour certified yoga teacher (currently finishing up my 500 hour). I’m registered with the Yoga Alliance and I have been teaching yoga for 7 years now. I teach the following styles of yoga: hatha, vinyasa (flow), power, yin, restorative, yoga sculpt (with weights), pre-natal yoga and meditation.

Danielle Dickinson


Amanda Mausner / Chicago IL

Amanda M

Amanda, a dedicated fitness and yoga practitioner, seeks to spread the mental and physical benefits of body movement and mindful living. She discovered yoga, specifically Forrest Yoga, in 2007. Through this, her life was transformed by the intense physical practice that powerfully influenced her mental well-being. She fell in love with the style because of the release of tension in the mind and body. Throughout her years of practice, she gained a greater self-awareness and introspection, as well as a way to mitigate her modern day body aches and pains. An avid lover of yoga and travel, Amanda brought her mat on a 5-month backpacking trip to South America in order to balance the hectic and foreign world that she was exploring. As Amanda continued receiving radiant energy, healthy posture, and clarity from her classes, a desire to share this wisdom and brilliance with others was born. When the time was right, Amanda took the 200 hour 27-day Forrest Yoga Teacher Training with Ana Forrest in Chicago, IL. Amanda is also forever grateful for her prior academic education; she has a Master’s from the University of Chicago and a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She draws from various yoga disciplines and hopes to use her teaching tools to alleviate the pain that so many of us continue to burden ourselves with. Hailing from NJ, Wisconsin, Denver, and now Chicago, Amanda brings her many rich life experiences, love for exercise, her sense of humor, and intelligent sequencing into the classroom.
Contact Amanda: afmausner@gmail.com

Brett Korn / Chicago IL / San Francisco CA

Brett Corn

I have many years experience in performance/training/teaching ballet and modern dance. I was a professional dancer in San Francisco for many years, studying extensively at Alonzo King’s Lines Ballet. I am interested in teaching a beginning level (or beyond) to adults here in Chicago. I have many years experience in yoga as well, and I am planning on completing a teacher training program in the fall. I think it would be fun and healthy for adults to experience the rewards and discipline in learning a dance form.

I have also performed and trained here in Chicago, and I am currently finishing a degree in English. I am happy to forward references as well as answer any questions you may have. Please contact me via email Thank you very much!

Brett Korn: Brettkorn@hotmail.com

Brett Korn

Jody Weinmann / Chicago, IL


Jody Weinmann / Chicago, IL

Jody first encountered yoga in 1998 and has been practicing ever since. Starting with classes offered at her college, she progressed to study Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow yoga, and finally completed teacher training at yogaview in Chicago. She was a high school teacher for Chicago Public Schools for five years and has witnessed the power of yoga to transform frustrations, fears, and anxieties into focus, calm and patient persistence. She has taught children and adults from the ages of 3-75 and is always searching for a way to bring the strength and depth of yoga to people of all ages, sizes, and ability levels.

In addition to being an exceptionally powerful tool for those working towards more physical strength and flexibility, the purpose of yoga is to find flexibility and strength in will and spirit. Jody practices and teaches yoga to find peace and bravery in the face of fear and uncertainty. She believes that yoga can help all people achieve a more balanced and contented life.

contact me: jody@yogaisawesome.com

Joanna Lazich Kutchey Austin TX

JoannaKutchey Lazich

Jo started her yoga journey in 2005 when she began taking Bikram classes in San Francisco. It was not until she moved to Southern California and took her first hot Vinyasa class that she was hooked. Shortly after moving back to Chicago, Jo went back to school for her Master’s in Elementary Education and spent the last couple of years teaching 2nd grade at a Chicago Public School. Jo completed her 200-hour power teacher training at CorePower in the fall of 2010. She continues to grow a greater appreciation of the practice everyday and loves to share the joy yoga has brought to her life.

Contact Email: joannalazich@yahoo.com

Kinjal Parikh / Chicago IL


Kinjal Parikh / Chicago IL
I am a Certified Yoga Instructor with 5+ years of experience in teaching and have extensive knowledge of various styles such as Vinyasa, Hatha, Hot Yoga, Laughter Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga
contact email: kinneparikh@gmail.com

Sarah Waddles / Chicago IL

Yoga for the People Sarah

Sarah Waddles / Chicago IL
contact info: Sarahwattles84@yahoo.com

Maria Hargrove / Chicago IL

Maria Hargrove

Maria Hargrove / Chicago IL
Maria is a dance instructor from California and is excited to bring her love of dance to Yoga For the People. For eight years she has taught hip hop, ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, and musical theatre dance- training with industry professionals Andrew Palermo, Dana Solimando, Jenn Colella, and Dennis Castellano. She believes in tailoring her classes to incorporate each students’ learning style, and focuses her energy on instilling confidence in her students by constructing a positive and upbeat environment.
contact email: hargrove.maria@gmail.com

Justin Walker / Chicago IL

Justin Walker

Justin Walker has been dancing competitively since 2005. He was a member of UneXXXposed Dance Squad at the University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign from 2005 to 2008. He founded Chaos Theory Dance Team in 2008 and was head choreographer for Dance 4 Christ at U of I. Since 2008, Justin has performed all over the country at various youth events and concerts.
contact email: justin.j.m.walker@gmail.com

Zac Greene / Chicago IL


Zac Greene / Chicago IL